Snowflake Cookies

This is the first installment of my Christmas Sugar Cookies for 2011.  This year I made cookies based on a classic Christmas special. Each of the three cookies were inspired by this well known show.  To make it a little more fun, I am not going to say which Christmas Special the cookies were based on.  Instead I will post each of the cookies and let you guess what my inspiration was.  The second installment will be tomorrow and the third and final post will be on Friday.  The cookie I am posting on Friday makes the show very obvious, which is why it will be last.  The first two are a bit more subtle.  There is no prize in guessing correctly, except bragging rights, but feel free to guess in comments. All be revealed on Friday.
My first cookie is obviously snowflakes.  I stuck with the blue and white color scheme that I used for the cupcakes I made last week.  I don't know what it is about the blue and white but I love how the look together.  I also pulled colors from the part of the scene in the show that snowflakes were inspired by.

Each cookie is a little different, since no two snowflakes are the same.  I used the #3 tip for the outlines and a #2 tip for the details and finished the cookies with white sanding sugar and a sugar pearl in the center.

I know the cookies are a simpler design, but after doing some very detailed cookies, I am really starting to appreciate more simplistic designs.  My wrist is also appreciative!  But in all honestly sometimes less is more. 
The second cookie will be posted tomorrow.  Hopefully you will enjoy these cookies as much I enjoyed making them.  When I reveal the final cookie on Friday I will explain how I pulled inspiration for all the cookies.

So what Christmas Special is my cookie inspiration?  Feel free to guess in the comments!  Happy baking!


Rhonda said...

I love the blue and white, I've always wanted to do a blue and white themed tree/decorations but my family balks at the idea :(

Steph said...

oh wow!! These are so pretty! They look like snowflakes!!

Nava.K said...

Simply beautiful and that takes much skills to made, lovely contrast of colors too.

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