Christmas Tree Cookies

Christmas Tree Cookies are the second installment of my Holiday Sugar Cookies for 2011.  This year's cookies were all inspired by a classic holiday show (yet to be revealed).   Yesterday my first cookie was snowflakes and the final cookie will be on Friday.   Each cookie I decorated this year was somehow based on this well known show.
I made a similar Christmas Tree Cookie last year, but when I came up with the idea of doing several cookies based on a show, I knew that they would fit in perfectly with this year's theme with the addition of the pink and blue trees.

To make the dots I used the wet on wet technique with the royal icing.  This is actually very easy and creates a nice affect.  To make dots after flooding drop a dot of thinned out icing onto the wet icing using a #1 or #2 tip.   I usually work in batches of three or four cookies.   I'll flood four cookies, and then go back to the first cookie to start the dots. 
I know the snowflake cookies would have been from almost any Christmas show, but the trees should give you a much bigger hint. I really think that these cookies actually are a pretty big clue as to what show inspired me.  Mr. Apron said they look just like the trees on the show.  Any guess what my inspiration was?  My third and final cookie will be posted on Friday!  Hopefully how I came up with the ideas for these cookies will all make sense then.  Happy Baking!


Lizzy said...

Beautifully decorated! My family cannot get enough of iced sugar cookies...and yours look perfect :)

New follower here..and a big Buzz for these!

Grubarazzi said...

These are really pretty. You are so creative!

Cate Hartnett said...

Is it Elf?

Cate Hartnett said...

Or Rudolph? :)

Ann said...

Stunning cookies - as always. You are amazingly talented!

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