Boston Bruins Cookies

I am so excited to share these cookies with you.  If you follow me on Twitter I have mentioned that I have been working all week on a new cookie design and these are what I have been hinting about!

It is no secret that I live in Boston and of course Boston is a HUGE sports town.   Last year the Boston Bruins brought another championship title to Boston by winning the Stanley Cup and since another winter sport has been on hiatus, I thought it was time for some Bruins cookies to go along with the Red Sox ones I did a while ago.
I knew these cookies would be a bit more challenging than the Red Sox cookies since the Bruins jerseys are much more detailed, but I love how they came out.  Normally cookies take me about three days, but because of all the different layers these cookies took four. Orginally I was going to half jersey and half pucks but the pucks started to look like tires (even Mr. Apron who loves everything I make, said they looked like tires) so the decision was made to stick with just jerseys.
These cookies are just the beginning was what I have store for the holidays.  As I mentioned on Tuesday, I have been super busy making dough and preparing cookies for cookies boxes.   On Monday I will have my recipe and reveal what I made for the Great Food Blogger Cookies Swap

If you are looking for my sugar cookie and royal icing recipes you can get them here

I can't wait to share it with you.  Have a good weekend I hope you are enjoying the start of the Holiday Season!


healthyfoodietravels said...

Haha, very cute! And so detailed! I bet these were a hit :)

Ali B said...

so cute!

SlipperCityCakes said...

These are so amazing! Looking forward to the recipe!
Elyse @The Cultural Dish

Lo-mo said...

Those are adorable! I love them. I just may have to make some Winnipeg Jets cookies to counter those! :) said...

Very cute cookies! You are a very talented decorator!

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