Tire Cookie Wedding Favors

Tire Cookies, not what you typically see for wedding favors, but when two people who work in tires get married, it is exactly what the occasion calls for!

I was asked to make these cookies by a good friend of mine who's mother got remarried in June.  The wedding ceremony itself was private, but this weekend they had a reception to celebrate with friends and family. My friend wanted to surprise her mother with tire cookie favors, which I thought was a great idea and I was happy to make them.

Once I got this assignment my first question was how to make the cookies.  Did I want just tires with writing on the tires, or have the tires drawn on another shape, like a rectangle, with the writting on the side?  I finally decided on just a giant tire shape with black frosting and white lettering.  I thought the white lettering would make the tires look a bit like whitewall tires.

Luckily I had just a bought a set of circle cookie cutters.   After a couple different trials, I picked out the two sizes to use for the outline and for the inner hole.   I encountered a few problems transfering the dough from the counter to the cookie sheet, the circles were ripping and becoming misshapped in the transfer.  I tried cutting out the circles on the cookie sheet after the transfer, and that helped keep the circles in-tact.

After making the cookies,  I outlined the cookies in black royal icing.  I tested a few cookies with the idea of makeing the cookies look like tread on the outside to give the cookies more texture, but I wasn't thrilled with the result, so I stuck with normal outlining and I was much happier with how they came out.

After outlining I flooded the cookies with the black icing.  After letting the cookies dry, I did the lettering.   The lettering didn't take me nearly as long as I thought it would. I think when I made the campaign cookies a a few weeks ago I made the icing a little too thick making it harder to do the lettering.  The consistency of this icing was much easier to work with making for an easier time doing the lettering. 

If you look at the photos it looks like there are sprinkles in the icing, but I didn't use any sprinkles.   The black icing dried really shinny and looked sparkly which photographed really well.

If you are looking for my sugar cookie recipe.  It is here on my Lobstah Sugar Cookies post. 


baking.serendipity said...

These are so cute! They turned out great :)

roxan said...

These are adorable! :)

Carolyn said...


spcookiequeen said...

These are adorable, my brother is a huge car buff, and his b-day is this weekend, I'm going to make hime some of these! Thanks for sharing.

Magic of Spice said...

How adorable...they must have been so happy:)

Sweetums said...

So cute and clever. They look terrific!

TeenieCakes said...

These cookies turned out so cute! My nephews luv cars and will love 'em!

Debbie said...

This is hilarious and they look so cute, nice job!

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